Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

We generally visit the dentists to uproot a tooth, for scaling, filling a cavity. Now you get cosmetic dentistry which will improve the appearance and function of your teeth. This is all about giving your teeth a picture perfect look. It is also known as dental face lifts or smile makeovers. Cosmetic dentistry requires special training to use the specially required materials. Dentists who need to enter this field will have to undergo additional 3 years of formal full time training and can broaden their knowledge to be qualified Orthodontists and Prosthodontists.

Orthodontists specialise in diagnosis, prevention, interception and correction of misaligned teeth and incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches. Prosthodontists on the other hand plans treatment, rehabilitation and maintains oral function, comfort, appearance and the patient’s health. Also they specialise in clinical conditions relating to missing or deficient teeth and oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. Using these two specialising areas cosmetic dentistry offers teeth whitening, veneers, dental crowns, composite bonding, contouring and replacing metal fillings.

Teeth whitening is one of the most sort after treatment and you can obtain various teeth whitening products on the market. But it is recommended that you get a professional to lighten your discoloured teeth. Veneers would be used to close gaps, disguise discoloured teeth that are not responding to whitening procedures. Composite and Dental Porcelain is used to fabricate veneers and they are bonded to the tooth using resin cement. Dental crowns also known as Cap is used to protect your teeth from further damage. This can be due to weakening caused by decay, large filling or worn down teeth. It is ideal to restore them in a natural way. The cap is mainly used on the front teeth and is made out of ceramics, porcelain gold or a combination of metals. The most common type used is ceramic.

Composite bonding involves a process of enamel-like dental composite material applied to the tooth surface. This is then sculpted into shape, hardened and then polished. Contouring is known to be an instant treatment in cosmetic dentistry. It reshapes teeth that are crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth. This treatment alters the length, shape and position of the teeth. Metal fillings most of the times do not bond to the tooth properly, in such cases replacing the metal filling with a dental composite would be advised by the dentists. It will also benefit the long-term health of your tooth.

Due to the popularity many dentists who are not qualified to perform aesthetic procedures have a tendency to use the phrase cosmetic dentist. This is only to promote and draw more patients to their practice. So before you settle in with a dentist to get a smile makeover done, it is better to do some research on the expertise of them. Getting reference from your friends who have already gotten cosmetic dentistry procedures can also be a great help. If the practice has a website you can read up the existing patients testimonies and also check how qualified the dentist and his medical team is.

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