Stepper Machines – The Different Types of Stepper Exercise Machines

So you have decided that you want to invest in a stepper exercise machine to help you firm up your lower body and to help you lose some weight. If you have been searching for stepper workout machines, you have probable seen that there is quite a few different types of stepper exercise machines.

To help you see the difference between the different types and to help you make the right decision, I will discuss the different stepper machines.

Here’s the top 5 different types of stepper exercise machines. Have a look at them and find the stepper exercise machine for you:*

  • The mini stepper – The mini stepper is perfect for when you are short on space and you want a compact solution that you can take with you to get a great workout in no matter where you are. It doesn’t have the handles that a bigger stepper machine has. This may make it difficult for you to balance on at first.
  • The stair stepper – The stair stepper machine is the stepper that is the most stable and that will ensure the best balance. It is also bigger and heavier than most steppers, but it makes up for it with the extra stability. These models may also be more expensive than others.
  • The elliptical stepper exercise machine – The elliptical stepper machine is almost a cross between the elliptical trainer and the stepper machine. It mostly commonly includes elliptical arms that works the upper body as well. SO if you want a stepper machine that exercises the whole body, the elliptical stepper is the right one for you.
  • The twist stepper workout machine – The twist stepper machine twists while you step so that you can target your core area as well. It is perfect for when you want a firm lower body and also a tight and firm tummy.
  • The side stepper – The side stepper helps you to step from side to side to target your inner and outer thigh muscles as well. It is perfect for when you want to firm up your thighs from all angles.

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