The Hidden Benefits Of “Bite Size” Workouts

If the term “bite size” conjures drool-inducing thoughts donuts and candy bars, fitness might not always be at the top of your priority list. Yet the same convenience that makes those tiny, sweet morsels so hard to resist can also be found in quick and challenging exercise routines that get you feeling fit. Here’s how the hidden benefits of bite size workouts can get you in great shape.

Increases Metabolism

Metabolism is the body’s process of turning the food you consume into the energy required to keep you moving, with the excess then becoming either fat or muscle. When your metabolism slows down, either due to your age, genetics, or other causes, unburned calories inevitably add unwanted weight. The good news is that metabolism speed can be increased by exercise.

Interestingly, short bursts of intensive activity are proven to boost metabolism more effectively than traditional routines. In fact, engaging in quick intervals of sprinting and other cardio-intense activities creates a lasting effect of continued calorie burning for hours after you finish working out. Through bite size workouts your metabolism increases, allowing your body to burn off excess calories rather than adding them to your waistline.

Fits Into a Busy Schedule

One of the easiest excuses to fall back on when it comes to neglecting exercise is that you don’t have the time to get fit. While this may be true for standard workout routines, with bite size intervals of activity you can squeeze in fitness on even the tightest of schedules.

Take a look at a typical day in your busy life, and you’ll probably see several short gaps in responsibilities during which you could make time to exercise. Whether it’s before the kids get up, between work conferences, or after you’ve gotten home from running afternoon errands, chances are there are several short increments of free time in your schedule you could take advantage of. Rather than looking at your workout as one more big project you have to shoehorn into your day, make use of these tidbits of time to get moving.

Keeps You Motivated

It’s all too easy to abandon a workout routine that eats up too much of your time or that doesn’t provide you with obvious results. However, with the uptick in metabolism and minimal time commitment which are two of the biggest perks of bite size workouts, you’re more likely to stay motivated and keep moving. Even when you’re feeling distracted or pulled in a million different directions, the more you enjoy the benefits of quick workouts the more excited you’ll be to put everything on hold for a few minutes of fitness.

Even with a busy schedule, it’s possible to squeeze in motivating bursts of exercise to boost your metabolism. When you’re ready to start feeling fit, learn how to build lean muscles for females and gain other health benefits by checking out online bite size workout plans. You’ll love how committing just a few minutes to fitness each day can have an amazingly positive impact on your health!


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