Zoegetics and Zoe Life Health Drink Review

Zoegetics or Zoe Lifestyle is a Georgia based network marketing company that according to their

website “provides high quality products for the well being of today’s families”.

Their website looks clean and modern and they have Facebook and Twitter accounts clearly on their page so they are very much into social media.

Zoegetics products

Zoe Lifestyle products are available through their exclusive network so you can’t find them in stores, which is naturally good for their representatives.

Their main product is Zoe Life which is an all-natural powdered drink mix. According to their website it is made up of 20 real fruits and vegetables. It is sweetened with Stevia.

The product sounds like an excellent health product and definitely something we could all need to make us feel better and healthier.

They have lots of new products coming up, such as products for weight management, products for kids and seniors, shampoo etc.

They say on their website that Zoe Lifestyle has partnered with one of the world largest natural products manufacturers. They don’t give more details about this though.

Zoe Lifestyle also offers personal insurance program to supplement your current insurance plans.

Zoegetics donates part of it’s profits to charity.


They provide weekly training for their reps via conference calls and webinars.

Compensation plan

I wasn’t able to find detailed information of Zoegetics compensation plan, but it is something called trinity plan which uses binary system for distibutors to grow their business.

If you are interested about health based network marketing companies Zoegetics seems to fit into that category very well and is worth checking.

It is a relatively new company so that can be a big plus for distributors as everything new always creates more curiosity.

When a new rep is signing up they seem to offer two options; either Option one, which is $69.95 or Option 2 which is $497.00. These numbers can of course change in the future.

They also mention that to remain active in the Zoegetics compensation plan you need to remain on the autoship program.

The biggest problem for Zoegetics reps might be Internet marketing. If you are used to face to face marketing then it’s not a problem, but if you plan to market online you need to have additional training for that, unless you are already familiar with Internet marketing. You should also brand yourself to differentiate yourself from

other Zoegetics reps.

For me, the biggest problem with MLM is the whole concept of Multi Level Marketing. You need to build a huge organization to make substantial income.

Personally, building a organization of thousands of people to make $5000-$10000 doesn’t sound realistic. I know there are people who make good money from MLM, but it takes either a lot of time or very good marketing skills to achieve that level of success.

There is also a question of market saturation. There are so many health products available that it is doubtful that they all find their niche in the marketplace.

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