Why is society obsessed with music and art? 

How can art and music reflect the culture and society of the times in which  they were created? - Quora

There are several views from experts on why people desire the mainstream of music, the arts, and the entertainment of society; however, it is apparent that music and art have both had a prolific influence on how the world operates and how society perceives it as enjoyable. Henceforth, on sites such as is student beans legit, you might find several reviews and articles left by experts and people from the community on how they perceive this pivotal aspect of society. Therefore, by reading several of these most critical snippets of short information surrounding the music, art, and entertainment scene, there would be some much-needed information that you can follow to ensure that you keep up with trends or fads when it comes to music and arts. However, as all believe that they are listening to music that would satisfy their own needs, there is no right or wrong answer to why society is obsessed with music and art; only evidence suggests that this obsession started thousands of years ago. 

The history of music

The first civilization person who started to make music has yet to be discovered as it is believed that music has been a part of society for thousands of years. Henceforth, it is believed that ancient civilizations started to make music to express joy or fear and to follow the noises made by animals around them. Additionally, when starting to do hard labor, a sort of rhythm had to come to play, and therefore it is believed by many that this is the true origin of music. However, there is evidence that in the Paleolithic period, people started to concentrate on manufacturing music, and music experts discovered musical instruments between 300 000-50 000 BP. In addition, it is interesting to know that the father of music has been dubbed Johann Sebastian Bach. The word “music” comes from the Greek word meaning “art of the muses,” and the person practicing music is called a musician. Then, and until today, this term is used when someone enthusiastically entails their talents to produce beautifully obtained music through instruments such as a guitar or piano, to name just a few of many musical instruments, including songs, into the clear picture of producing music and the arts. 

Being obsessed with music

The word obsession should be used when it comes to music as sometimes it is meant lightheartedly to express the person’s passion for music and the arts. Therefore, many people listen to music not to self-isolate but rather to keep in touch with their emotions and express their desires and happenings during listening to some lyrics resonating with their souls. Nonetheless, some people even listen to music when doing their everyday tasks, and some sleep with music to keep the blues or loneliness at bay. However, when music starts to affect your job or personal relationships, you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate in rethinking how music influences you and others around you before it starts to become a problem. 

The oldest song

There has been evidence that the first ever song with lyrics was the  Hurrian Hymn, discovered by experts during the 1950s and inscribed on a form tablet. It is believed to be the oldest and first song ever in existence and is over 3400 years old. However, during the next thousands of ages, there were several discoveries of more hymns and lyrical songs. Due to this, it is astonishing how these first songs have influenced the music and arts scene into the successful endeavor it is known for today. “Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen. 

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