Love Life in Norse Astrology – The Role of Freyja

In Norse astrology,Freyja (represented by the Sun) is one of three planets that indicate the quality and nature of our love life. The other two planets are Thor (Mars) and Frigga (Venus). Freyja represents the affections, what we enjoy and appreciate in life. As Freyja is the goddess of pleasure and sex, she helps determine fertility, sexual activity, and sensual pleasure. She also presides over our desire to be seen by others, especially in elegant attire. As the giants desired her for their wife, Freyja is what makes us attractive and beautiful.

Because Freyja has an affinity with the East house of Norse astrology, we also look to that octant of the solar circle for insight into pleasure, sex, and beauty in our love lives. In some ways, Freyja is similar to the Greco-Roman Venus, but Freyja is a more complex archetype, one that also encompasses our health, life force, and wealth.

Our first example of a powerful Freyja within a Norse horoscope is Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. Freyja is powerful in the Vanic Fehu, the rune of family and money. And these two attributes defined how she was seen by the world. She was born into an aristocratic family, and married into the ruling house of Windsor. Fehu is the rune of wealth in movement, and Princess Diana was instrumental in funneling money to charitable causes. Her power made her modesty all the more attractive. But Freyja was in conjunction with grim Skadhi (Mercury) and trine to the planet of barriers, the Norns (Neptune). These aspects added a note of tragedy to her beauty. Her East house is powerful, containing victorious Freyr (Jupiter) and responsible Tyr (Saturn). Freyr amplifies his sister Freyja’s fame, wealth, and beauty, while Tyr focuses her charisma into the political realm. Eihwaz, the rune of annihilation and sacrifice, is primary in the East house, an indicator of both the sacrifices that she made for her children, and of her early death.

We find another strong Freyja in the Norse chart of body-builder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here, Freyja is powerful in Uruz, the rune of natural energy, the life force, and the wild ox. These attributes are accurate descriptions of the greater-than-life sexual energy that Schwarzenegger radiated. Tyr is in conjunction with Freyja, and this allowed him to use his stunning physical presence to enter the realm of politics and business. Dagaz, rune of self-transformation, is the primary rune of his East house, and this enabled him to remake his persona several times over the course of his life, from body-builder, to businessman, to politician. This successive renovation is enhanced by the presence of energetic Thor and disruptive Loki (Uranus) in his East house.

We see both power and weakness in the Freyja of Michael Jackson. Here, Freyja would normally be weak in Ansuz, the rune of wind, magic, and communication. But Jackson was able to transmute these attributes so that they became part of his public persona, and he used them to attract others. Thor is in his East house, and this adds energy and striving to his being. We see him become a vehicle of a greater power, and that draws us to him. Ingwaz, the rune of masculine energy released into the feminine, is primary in his East house, and this is emblematic of someone who gives everything, then collapses afterwards.

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