Invisible Health Wealth Secret Enhances Life

What really controls our life destiny?

The three common things most people believe are holding them back are:

(1) There never seems to be enough time.
(2) Even doing things more efficiently or hiring people to help, circumstances still seems to get in the way.
(3) Inconsistency seems to hamper the steadiness required for sustained success.

The above three things are only the result of much deeper internal programming inside us.

We are largely unaware of this deep programming that actually rules our life and determines everything

The key is our subconscious mind has only one job – to keep us safe! This is always accomplished in the same three ways:

1. It is safer for our subconscious mind to keep us doing what we have always done and are doing at the present time. Our emotions have become comfortable (used to) being the way we are now, being the way we have always been and being the way we were when growing up.

We may have become so used to being unhappy that our emotions and subconscious keep us that way. We may be unhappy and want to change, but when we do get into a better situation, somehow circumstances mysteriously appear and we revert back, seemly from events out of our control.

This is simply an emotionally comfortable habit we have. This is why people put up with unpleasant situations for endless years, always complaining how unhappy they are about those “circumstances”.

2. It is safer for our subconscious mind to block changes. All the consequences of changing are uncertain. There may be some side effects never anticipated, and aspects of changing may hurt. Our subconscious mind perceives change as too dangerous, too risky to take a chance on.

So our subconscious mind keeps us from changing and we never even suspect it! We just think life is a struggle and difficult or we are just not lucky!

3. Our subconscious wants to protect us from our fears! This is the big one! We are talking about our frivolous fears, those fears that we formed for irrational reasons unknown to us – that will not actually harm us. These are not real fears that in fact would harm us. These are lots of false fears formed when we were children and did not realize that some things were really nothing to fear.

Our subconscious mind is directing and arranging our decisions and the people and events we attract to keep us away from our false fears. Imagine our entire life being arranged to avoid experiencing a particular fear, a false fear that in fact would not hurt us at all. Our subconscious mind absorbs 11 million impressions a second, but our conscious mind can only absorb 40 impressions a second.

We can embrace change through attracting people who support us achieving our goals, realizing we create nothing in isolation. It is likely if we look closely, the people around us are actually reinforcing our current situation. We have to realize we attract what we think, so we have to notice carefully what is going through our mind at all times.

Balanced health is achieved through eating calories balanced with 30% of lean organic protein, 40% low glycemic organic carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, nuts, raw foods, low glycemic pasta, etc) and 30% healthy fats containing omega 3 essential fats at every meal.

For optimum health, eating balanced meals every 3-4 hours a day through a combination of pre mixed powered replacement meals and full food low glycemic meals will keep your energy high all day long. Eight hours of sleep to restore and repair our bodies, along with drinking half our body weight in ounces of purified water every day and a mixture of weight bearing and aerobic exercises a minimum of 30 minutes 5 times a week will round out our health habits.

Not to be overlooked is the importance of keeping an optimistic happy forward thinking outlook on our life and about ourselves so our emotions will contribute to supporting good health. For example, fighting or being angry will actually reduce the strength of our immune system for hours making us vulnerable to getting sick.

The good news is, we can heavily influence the direction and attraction our sub conscious mind engineers for us by constant daily repetition of certain conscious actions and certain specific thoughts, which result in forming new habits. We then begin to “mysteriously” attract more and more good things, events, people, etc. to us that we desire.

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