How to Design a Specific Tennis Program

A specific tennis program is the only way to really become a good tennis player. Too many players just follow basic programs that make them work on their ground strokes. Of course this is the base you need to be able to hit efficient strokes, but only working on this will be very limited.

A specific tennis program will help a player to improve his different strokes but will also teach him tactical approaches and most important it will include a lot of fitness training.

Beginner needs to spend time on repeating the strokes but once they get better a good fitness level is mandatory in order to keep improving. At every level, beginners or advanced, fitness training can help to improve faster.

The more advanced the players are the more specific the tennis training needs to be and the more fitness training will be included. Fitness training will work on different capacities as coordination, agility, balance, endurance, strength, flexibility and all of them needs to be worked in order to become a complete tennis player.

Depending of the level the intensity and the amount of time spent, fitness training will be different but every specific tennis program should include some. Adding coordination or balance drills will help the players to hit more efficient shots. Agility training will focus more on the movements and quickness of the players If you watch professional players they are all very quick and use a great technique while they are moving. This is a long process and time needs to be spent since the beginning on teaching the right footwork or the players will be limited.

Strength training is another very important part that needs to be worked even with young players. It will help to improve their coordination and balance but it will most of all prevent overuse injuries that occurs too often with tennis players. Once the players get older and better, strength training is even more important in order to become, more explosive, more powerful and faster on the court.

Cardio training needs to be done in order to be fit on the court. Tennis matches can be very intense and long and players with a low endurance level will not be able to perform for too long. This area can be increase very easy with some consistency and being fit on the court will be a great asset compare to some other players.

Finally flexibility is another important part that will help players to hit efficient shots and to move well. If a player is too stiff, he will not be able to perform well. Flexibility training is also very important to prevent injuries that could happen with this intense activity.

A good specific tennis program is then a combination of everything. Of course you will spend a lot of time to learn the different strokes and to work on your consistency. But it is more efficient to work on specific tennis shots and on the fitness at the same time. Too many programs focus on spending hours hitting balls without any physical training. Spending less time on the court and more time working on your fitness will bring better results and faster.

A specific tennis program should include at least 25% of fitness training. This will even become more and more important while the level increases. Fit4Tennis will give you the right fitness program that will help you to improve your tennis game by working on the different areas that players need.

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