How To Apply For Norwegian Medical Insurance Online?

Health & medical insurance in Norway: AXA

Taxes are the primary funding source for Norway’s publicly provided universal health care system. Through the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, all citizens and permanent residents of Norway have access to Norwegian medical insurance. Insurance includes:

  • Visits to the doctor.
  • Visits to specialists.
  • Hospital stays.
  • Home nursing.
  • Nursing care during pregnancy and delivery.
  • Dental treatment.
  • Specialty dental care.
  • The use of some medical devices.

Everyone who lives in Norway permanently must enroll in the country’s mandatory national health insurance program, regardless of their employment status or income level. You can submit the health insurance application either in person or online. Below we have discussed the procedures for applying for Norwegian health insurance online. But if you never want to be in a situation to seek medical health, make sure to find the best diet companies in Norway that are reliable and safe. You can also check out which is a reviewing platform for Norwegians to find the best stores with their user reviews.

Check Out The Norwegian Medical Insurance Website

Navigate to the “Healthcare” section of the main menu. Follow the instructions on the next page after clicking the “Apply for Health Insurance” button.

Fill Out The Application Form Online

Complete the application form that you can find online. Personal information, including your name, address, and other contact data, as well as your nationality, will need to be provided by you. They will also require information about Pensions, rental income, alimony, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc. (employer coverage, Medicaid, individual health insurance, etc.) * Credit card or bank draught. Please double-check your work and ensure that the data you’ve written is accurate. 

Opt For The Best Suit Plan  

After submitting your application, choose a plan. The website displays bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plan options. A bronze plan costs the least monthly but has higher out-of-pocket costs. It may be attractive if you don’t need many medical services but want accident coverage. Platinum plans feature the highest monthly premiums but the lowest medical expenditures. If you have frequent medical needs, it will be a blessing. These metal layers don’t affect care quality. They divide your healthcare expenditures between you and your insurer.

Pay Your First Policy Payment 

Before your coverage begins, you must pay for your plan. Most insurance companies will take you from their website to enter your credit card information for your first payment. 

Submit The Application

Upon processing your application, you will receive a confirmation email. After that, you can access your health insurance benefits. Email and mail will provide your insurance card and papers. Download the policy to your phone after you confirm your email. Remember to verify your inbox and get the policy app on your mobile device.


The online health insurance marketplace makes it simpler to locate a reasonable healthcare plan that addresses your specific requirements. While there is no single best option for health insurance, a certified broker can help you narrow down your options and enroll in the plan that will work best for you and your family. You may now apply for the best medical insurance plan without leaving the comfort of your home, as there is no longer any need to visit offices.

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