Ginger Bath – Anti-Aging Treatment

Ginger – Internal and external anti-age cleanser

Enjoy a relaxing Ginger bath anti-aging skin care treatment that will not only stimulate circulation, it will introduce yourself to a spicy, exotic treat. Natural skin care remedies using Ginger help to open the pores of the skin and eliminate toxins and sweat out impurities. The antioxidant benefits our skin and improves the complexion.

Toxins invade our body’s everyday through the elements and virtually everything we come in contact with. Detoxifying your body will offer the best skin care to keep your skin and body naturally healthy, fit and toxin-free.

Ginger – Anti-aging soak recipe

This treatment is best before bed because it will make you sleepy.

First find yourself some personal “quiet time”

Pour yourself a hot bath adding a generous handful of 1 of the 3 ingredients-

Fresh Ginger – (found at grocery stores) Grate the ginger and place in a muslin or cotton bag. Add to hot bath water.

Ginger powder – (found at health food stores)

Ginger essential oil- Aromatherapy treatment -6-8 drops added to almond oil or a carrier of choice.

*note- If you have sensitive skin or health concerns, consult your physician before trying remedies.

*Have plenty of water available. Drinking plenty of water is recommended.

Sit back, soak in the benefits and breathe in the exotic aroma.

Relax for 20-30 minutes

*Better results if combined with a pre-set mood with candles, dim lighting, and a quiet relaxed atmosphere.

Magic happens
Within the first 20 minutes or so you will begin to sweat and feel your heart rate increase.

This body and skin cleanser method is the most potent ways to sweat the toxins out of your body. You may continue to sweat for the next couple of hours.

You will wake up from this healthy skin care treatment feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

A special Aloha – Skin care tip – All natural

Bathing with a fresh Ginger flower will contribute to soft, perfumed, “fragrant skin” enriching your skin with natural oils.

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