Bali, where we ate…

Travels to Bali this time were different to previous trips as we now have two very little people in tow, so we made the most of lunches and super early dinners or ordering in. If you go and this is your family, download @grabfoodid app to get food delivered and don’t order based on ratings, order based on where you know is good. The app has an overwhelming amount of options.

Our favourites in Canggu where we stayed for the full week:
@mason.bali – kid friendly and epic food always awesome
@yukibali_ phenomenal Japanese – our date lunch
@luigishotpizzabali – best pizza you may well eat!
@doppiocafebali – ate lots here especially easy for the girls
@alkalinebali – raw / vegan options
@cratecafe best brekky and smoothies
@balibuda – great for healthy food / airport snacks
Zin hotel – easy for kiddy dinner pick up
@theavocadofactory – yum lunch with jet
@revolver.bali for great coffee
Heaps of fresh whole fruit from warungs
Days spent at @finnsrecclub – easy yummy food there, then sunset drink one day at @finnsbeachclub where I felt 20 for about 3 seconds 😂 fun though 🍸
Quite tricky getting baby / toddler snacks besides fruit that isn’t laced with refined sugar – had best options.

Plenty of lazy mornings at our lovely accom @fellavillas where Tia cooked traditional indonesian dishes for us.

By no means an exhaustive list but hope it helps some of you along your travels.


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