Why Use a Tennis Strength and Conditioning Coach?

A tennis strength and conditioning coach is a fitness coach specialized in tennis. Their role is becoming more and more important in the actual tennis. Tennis players are more and more fit an the activity is more and more demanding Following a basic conditioning program or working out in the gym on your own will already be a good start but it is far from being enough if you want to become a very good tennis player.

A physical trainer for tennis knows the activity and will be able to design specific fitness training for tennis. Each activity has specificity and if players want to follow an efficient strength and conditioning training it really has to be specific to the activity.

In most of the institution that propose high performance training you will find a fitness trainer that will be in charge of the strength training, cardio training, agility training, flexibility training. All those areas need to be trained in a specific way in order to maximize the results.

Strength and conditioning coaches are in all colleges and universities and their role is fundamental on all the different activities. In good tennis academies you will also find at least one physical trainer.

One of their main role is usually to test the players in order to target their weaknesses and strengths.

Then they will design the programs for the kids to work on their overall fitness but also on their specific fitness. Fitness coaches are also very important to help preventing injuries or rehabilitating the players who were injured.

Their role is to make sure that the kids follow the right physical development and that their fitness training is specific to tennis.

Tennis strength and conditioning coach is a well known function that can really help a tennis player to improve their game. They work with the tennis coaches to elaborate the specific needs of the players and to find the best way to make them improve. In a good training environment you should find a good cohesion and communication between the tennis coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches.

Not every one has the opportunity to work with a fitness coach. You can read books or find drills on the internet but the best way is to get a specific fitness program for tennis. It is always harder to work alone but at least if you follow well a program it will help you to get better.

Fit4Tennis will give you the opportunity to get your own strength and conditioning program designed by a professional tennis strength and conditioning coach. You will just have to follow the instructions and get your different workouts done. This will be one of the most efficient way to improve your tennis game.

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