Starting Yoga for Fitness

So, you have decided to do yoga for fitness. That’s really good, but only if you don’t get stuck with your decision. Yoga is not just any other exercise and its exotic nature may make you feel intimidated. But you should have no hesitation in trying it because help is now at hand. Reading further will tell you how to make yoga your tool for fitness.

Follow these simple steps to make yoga away of life, something that thousands of people have done to find delightful fitness results.

1. To start with, you need to do a bit of research. Nothing brain twisting here, just some fact finding to zoom in on a yoga regime that suits you. This is because there are a thousand and one yoga classes out there and if you do not join the right one; your money will probably go to waste. So, you have a clear idea of the different yoga styles because not all of them might be possible unless you have a high level of physical fitness.

Since you are a beginner you can try ‘hatha’ yoga or ‘vinyasa’ yoga for the best results. Once you are comfortable with these, you can move on to something fancier.

2. The next poser you have to face, once you have selected the style of yoga you want to learn, is to decide how you will learn it. The two options you have these days are to join a yoga class or hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers who specialize in yoga are the best options if you want an in-depth learning experience but, they don’t come cheap.

On the other hand, you can easily find a yoga class in your city, because of the enormous popularity of yoga today. Check the internet, newspapers or wellness magazines for information. Pick a gym which is close by and offers basic level classes at a reasonable rate.

3. You don’t require anything except comfortable clothes and a mat to do yoga. This is all the preparation you need for your first yoga session.

4. This is what you can expect on your first day at yoga class:

You have to sit on your mat in a cross-legged position.

When you sit, you must make sure that there is enough space to your left, right, front and back. Yogic exercises may require you to stretch your body and limbs in all directions.

Before you exercise, there may be a short meditation session or a breathing exercise conducted by your instructor.

This should be followed by warm up exercises and then the actual routine.

You might also feel a little sore when the class is over, but this is only because you have never done yoga before.

5. In case you cannot get access to a yoga class or a personal trainer, you might have to make do with books and instructional videos. If you can follow them properly, you’ll be fine.

Hope you find these steps to starting yoga helpful. All the best for your yogic adventures!

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