Rowing Machines – Are They Worth Spending Thousands On?

Rowing machines can cost a lot of money, especially if you purchase a full featured model from one of the leading manufacturers. The best rowing machines tend to cost a thousand dollars and more, and this may seem like quite a bit of money to spend, but consider the benefits, and you may change your mind. Rowing machines take home fitness to a level that most stationary exercise machines can’t touch.

The Schwinn Windrigger rowing machine is an excellent bit of exercise equipment, manufactured by a leading name in sports and physical fitness equipment. For the quality of materials, and the benefits of a complete full body workout, many people prefer to pay for the best they can get. Besides, Schwinn rowing machines tend to be affordably priced, when compared to other models of the same type. Like the Stamina rowing machines, they are built to fit within family budgets without giving up any of the cardiovascular benefits.

Kettler rowing machines have all of the German workmanship you would expect from the country, and are packed with the kind of features that make a workout both invigorating and entertaining. Many reviews even refer to Kettler indoor rowers as the Cadillac of fitness equipment. They are built to be sleekly appealing, and have the onboard electronics to keep every workout fresh and beneficial, regardless of the athletic prowess of the user.

Now, a WaterRower rowing machine is definitely in a league by itself, if it is the Natural series you are speaking of. They use water resistance for a very natural feel, and the frames are built with farm grown solid wood, a stark contrast to the metal and plastic found in most other exercise equipment. Yes, these will cost quite a bit more than an average fitness machine, but they deliver in ways that nothing else can even come close to.

And lastly, but far from least on the list, the Concept 2 rowing machine is built to be ruggedly durable, but folds up into a space about the size of a traditional set of golf clubs. These futuristic looking rowing machines have the engineering edge on their competitors, and use onboard computers that rival the best from many of their competitors. This brand of rowing machine is fast rising to the top of the ratings, owing largely to the exceptional design and stylish appearance.

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