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Broccoli Nutritional

Broccoli Nutritional

Whenever we talk about green vegetables, some choices are quite obvious. Broccoli tops the charts; thanks to the high nutritional content it has. But there is more to broccoli than we can see. It has benefits beyond our imagination. Let’s get to know about all of this in this article. BBroccoli overview

It is a famous edible plant with green color leaves and stems. Belonging to the cabbage family, it has a large flowering head. The stalk is also large and the leaves it has are quite small in shape and size. The leaves are the part which we eat as a vegetable. It is from the Italica cultivar group and belongs to the species Brassica oleracea. The large flower heads are usually green in color and as we know they are in an arrangement of a tree. The heads’ structure branches out from a thick stalk that is usually light green, which also forms an important vegetable. The leaves surround the entire mass of the leaves. One can also resemble broccoli to cauliflower due to the structure. However, cauliflower is from different cultivar from the same species.

People eat broccoli in its raw form as well as after cooking. It is a rich source of vitamin C and K. There are plenty of additional contents in it including isothiocyanates, sulforaphane, glucosinolate, etc. one can preserve these easily by steaming or microwaving the vegetable.

Nutritional value

We all know how green veggies are packed with lots of nutrition and essential elements required by our bodies. Broccoli is not an exception. In fact, this green vegetable is more nutritious than many other vegetables in the category. It contains an ample number of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds. Being rich in nutrient content and low in calorie content, it has an important part to play in the diet regime. A wide array of minerals, fiber and several other compounds are present. Let us brief you about the nutritional value of this vegetable.

When you take a cup of broccoli, you are having around 90 grams of the broccoli. This will give you 6 grams of carbs and 2.6 grams of protein. You will get a small amount, 0.3 grams of fat and 2.4 grams of fiber. Additionally, you will also consume 135% of vitamin C and 116% Vitamin K. other vitamins contain Vitamin F9 14% which is a form of folate. Folate helps us is increasing our immunity and blood cells. Broccoli also has 8% of potassium and 6% of phosphorus. There are contents of Selenium 3% also in the vegetable. Mind that whenever we are using the percentage in the content, we are linking it to the data provided by RDI and hence these are standard calculations. RDI stands for reference daily intake which means the amount we need per day.

Uses of broccoli

Broccoli is a versatile vegetable, not just in nutrient content, but in the ways of preparation as well. You can cook it or have it raw in salads. You can make vegetables from it. All the methods will provide equal amounts of nutritions to your body. People have been using new cooking methods as well such as microwaving, steaming, boiling, and stir-frying broccoli. This can alter the nutritional component of the vegetable to some extent.

Many scientists believe that using these methods might lower down the vitamin C content of the vegetable. Some even suggest a reduction in soluble protein and sugar content using different methods of cooking. Out of the lot, steaming and raw vegetable eating seem the perfect method that retains the maximum nutrient value.

Broccoli has a good amount of vitamin C which means it’s good for our immunity. When you eat just half a cup of broccoli, you are getting 84 % of the daily intake of vitamin C for your body. Broccoli has many other benefits which we will discover now.

Antioxidants benefits

Antioxidants benefits

Broccoli contains an adequate number of antioxidants that can provide you various health-protective benefits. The content of the antioxidant is something we cannot ignore. These are present in huge amounts in the vegetable. Antioxidants are the molecules that our body requires to help reduce cell damage. These damages are caused by free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals are the result of the chemical reactions in our bodies. Hence, antioxidants help relieve us from free radicals. This can help in the reduction of inflammation caused by those radicals that are not treated.

Broccoli also contains amounts of glucoraphanin. This is a compound that, when converts into a potent antioxidant can help us provide relief in digestive problems. The end compound is called sulforaphane. It offers various health benefits which we are not aware of. It can cure digestive health and help in reducing blood sugar levels. It is also good for maintaining our cholesterol levels. One can also get relief from oxidative stress with broccoli.

Some of the other antioxidants include zeaxanthin and lutein. These can help reduce cellular damage in our eyes.

Broccoli helps reduce inflammation

reduce inflammation

The presence of many bioactive compounds in broccoli can help reduce inflammation. These are body tissue inflammation that can lead to dangerous symptoms. When we eat broccoli, several types of multiple compounds are working together to help reduce inflammation. However, the scientist also found that several compounds work in an individual manner as well.

For instance, a flavonoid called Kaempferol can provide strong action against inflammation.

An amazing fact to notice here is that broccoli can help reduce the risk of internal organ inflammation in people who have regular smoking or drinking habits.

Anti-cancer properties

Anti-Cancer Properties

Broccoli is a type of cruciferous vegetable. These types of vegetables have various compounds that help in the reduction of cell damage. Since cancer starts by damaging the cells of our tissues, broccoli may affect the cancer growth in several patients. Many people suggest combining broccoli with other treatment options to see better results, especially in chronic conditions.

The anti-cancer properties of broccoli are not confined to few cancer types. It can help us fight several tumors such as that of breast, stomach, prostate, kidney, rectal and colorectal.

Helps in blood sugar control

Cut blood sugar

The reduction in blood sugar level is related to various types of antioxidants and a high amount of fiber content in the broccoli. The vegetable can be a boon for people suffering from blood sugar levels or diabetes. People on a regular diet of broccoli have reduced insulin resistance. This is evident especially in patients with Diabetes 2. Broccoli in the form of sprouts is more influential for this purpose.

Broccoli also contains a good amount of fiber. If you regularly take fiber, you can have an ample amount of dietary fiber in your body. This can lower down your blood sugar. It also improves the diabetic control power of your body.

Helps in cardiac health

Cardiac health basically refers to the heart of our health and veins or arteries related to it. Scientists have performed many studies to find out that broccoli can help support good heart health in a number of ways. Elevated or bad cholesterol levels can procure a major risk in the heart of our health. This is also true for triglyceride levels in our blood. These lead to the onset of several types of heart diseases. Broccoli works wonder in improving this by reducing the symptoms.

Specific antioxidants in the broccoli may also help in decreasing the chance of heart attack in our body.

There was a study conducted on mice where scientists gave it broccoli sprouts. The results would go onto revealing that a good effect against cell death is observed. The results also show how oxidative stress in the heart is reduced and kept to a minimum, preventing cardiac arrest.

Broccoli is high in fiber content and hence, it can help reduce heart attack risk in several patients.

Good for digestion

Boosts Digestion

Broccoli is very rich in fiber content. It also has antioxidants. The combination of both is superb for your digestion. It can also help support healthy bowel function which keeps our digestive health up to mark.

When we talk about digestive health, two elements make up a healthy system. The first one if bowel regularity and the second one is a specific community of healthy bacteria. These are present in our colon and aid in smooth digestion. When you consume fiber and antioxidants together from rich nutritious foods like broccoli, you can help maintain a really good gut function.

Additionally, various studies also suggest that when you consume broccoli on regular basis, the inflammation levels in the colon reduce to a greater extent. This also presents a favorable change for gut bacteria. Several studies also reveal how people eating broccoli can easily defecate which shows good signs of digestion and egestion.

Broccoli helps improve our brain health

brain affected

It helps safeguard memory

In case if you are combating neglect and distractedness consistently, here are a few motivations to chow down on broccoli. The green cruciferous veggie is known to have antiamnesic properties, which implies it is best to improve and even safeguarding your memory.

It further develops learning as well. Kids aren’t known for their adoration for greens, particularly broccoli. They may loathe the sharp taste and the surface of the vegetable. However, here’s the reason mothers and fathers ought to persuade their children to eat broccoli. The cerebrum cherishing compounds in the vegetable work with and upgrade learning. Peruse why pomegranates are useful for the brain.

Broccoli also advances mind healing. A synthetic known as sulforaphane, which is found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, can assist with working on intellectual capacities after a horrendous cerebrum injury. At the point when it is controlled into the body, the substance helps in diminishing growing or oedema in the brain.

Broccoli can assist with modifying your cerebrum. It’s the stuff sci-fi is made of, yet broccoli can assist with remaking your cerebrum. The study recommends that sulforaphane in the broccoli, which has cancer prevention agent and calming properties, can assist with reconstructing harmed neural cells in the brain. Broccoli can also hone your thinking capacity

Insight can be ordered into two sorts: liquid and solidified. Liquid insight is your capacity to tackle new issues without assistance any from earlier information. Solidified insight, then again, is your critical thinking capacity coming from long stretches of involvement. A study says that Lutein, a shade found in green vegetables like broccoli, helps in saving solidified knowledge, by securing the neurons in the brain.

Broccoli may help reduce the aging process

There is a reason broccoli is the first choice of many skin rejuvenating diet recipes. We know that the process of aging is because of oxidative stress as well as a reduction in the metabolic function of our body. This increases as we age and hence, aging starts to show on our face, hair and body.

It is important to note that a good quality diet can help us in preventing aging. Diet quality is also a major factor when you are trying to determine gene expression as well as the onset of age-related problems.

The sulforaphane content of broccoli is in action here. This is a key bioactive compound and has quite the capacity to slow down the biochemical process in our body that relates to aging. This increases the expression of antioxidant genes as well which further helps in reducing the onset of the aging process.

It helps support immunity

When we take more vitamin C, we are strengthening our immunity system. Taking a natural medium of vitamin C in the form of broccoli can do wonders in helping us fight new viruses and infections.

The immunity of our body is a natural process that requires the combination of several compounds to function properly. Vitamin C is the most essential nutrient in that combination. When we take it from broccoli, we are doing a good bit to our body’s protection system.

Various treatment options include vitamin C as it helps prevent several types of illness. When you take it regularly daily, around 100 – 200mg, you have sufficient immunity against infections.


Broccoli is not at all a vegetable that should be missed in the diet. It works both ways, for giving energy and as a calorie-deficient diet. The vegetable is a boon given to us by nature. Helps enhance our health in a greater number of ways than we can imagine not only good for our heart, brain, or digestion, but also our skin and blood. It has several benefits that we should always take advantage of.

In the end, you should remember that if you want to take a complete nutrient diet, it is always best to combine broccoli food with other nutrient-dense compounds. When you take a proper meal, you can live a happy and healthy life.

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