Being Quick on the Court – Tips and Strategy

Moving well or being quick on the court to reach as many balls as possible are two factors that can make tennis players great tennis players. Some people are naturally fast and quick but some others will have to work harder in order to become quick. Training his quickness and agility is something that can and should be done at any level.

At a certain level all tennis players have a good technique and know how to be consistent. What will make the difference at this level is their fitness level especially the way they are moving on the court. Being quick on the court involves having a good footwork technique but also a good explosive power.

Strength training is a go way to build more explosive players. The explosive power is a percentage of the maximal strength so, potentially stronger players could be quicker on the court. Once a player starts to be strong enough it is important to work more specifically. Plyometric training will help players to develop the elasticity power of their muscles that they need to become explosive.

Also agility training or specific movement training on court will allow the players to bring what they have been working on in the gym on the tennis court.

This shows us the complexity of physical training in order to become a great tennis player. Just spending time on the court even by doing agility training will not be enough. On the other hand just working out in the gym to become stronger will not improve totally your movements. Fitness training for tennis needs to include strength training and agility training but also other components in order to become a complete tennis player.

Being quick on the court can be done by following an easy process and it will bring your game to a next level. First the players need to learn the right technique to move on a tennis court. This involves going to the ball with the right step but also recovering with the right recovery steps. This can be done on court with agility training, focusing only on the footwork and not worrying about the ball.

Once a player understands the right technique, he will move well but will not necessarily be quick. Specific strength and plyometric training will help him to be more explosive. It is very important for players to make a mix between strength training an agility training because this is the only way for them to reach their full potential and to become really quick.

Too often players or coaches focus just on one or the other. These kinds of players will always have a lack. Quickness for tennis player can be trained at any level especially if the players want to compete at high level. Beginners and professional players will work the same way, they will even do the same kind of drills. The main difference will be the intensity that they will use while they are training. One of the secret to become quick is to be as intense as possible. If during an agility workout the player does not try his best, he will not become quicker because he will not use the muscular fibers needed to be quick. It works the same way in plyometric training. The goal is to be as quick and explosive as possible in order to reach the muscle fibers deeply enough to keep improving.

Once a player starts to work hard and well on his quickness he will see improvements in his tennis game.

Following efficient fitness training is then a must that every player should do. With Fit4Tennis you could get specific workouts that could help you or your player to become quick on the tennis by ordering individualized fitness programs specific to tennis.

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